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Try a Nature Scavenger Hunt

Explore the outdoors with our printable checklist!

We've gathered great clues for a scavenger hunt to liven up your next walk in the woods. Pack a picnic, lace up your hiking boots, and head outside to explore. When children learn to appreciate and enjoy nature, they are more likely to grow into adults who value and protect our environment.

In response to current #Covid-19 #StayAtHome efforts, we’re pleased to see so many families are enjoying family outings in the outdoors. We have more ideas for families who want to share kindness while at home. Check out our “Stand Together” page of resources including our new Kindness Kits.

Possible recipients

Enjoy exploring nature as a family, invite friends along, or bring this activity to your scouts meeting, classroom, or community gathering.

What you’ll need


  • Modify our list to fit your scene (park, nature center, woods, seashore, backyard, etc.)

  • Color in items as you go or draw/write about your discoveries in the blank boxes.

  • For very young kids, consider filling in the blank boxes with items you think they will enjoy finding.

  • For older kids, consider downloading the iNaturalist app and encourage them to use the app to help identify the plants, trees, tracks, and creatures they discover.


  • Talk about your hunt:

    • Which item was your favorite?

    • Which was most difficult to find?

    • Which did you find first?

    • What senses did you use on your hunt? What did you smell in nature? Feel? Hear?

  • Albert Einstein, famed theoretical physicist, once said, “Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.” What do you think he meant?

  • How does your body feel when you are spending time in nature? How does your mind feel?


Take it Further

  • Create a family “nature box” or “nature table” to collect and display objects you find.

  • Keep a nature notebook. Include photos, drawings, pressed flowers and notes to record your outdoor observations.

  • Gather some nature “tools” to take on your outings: camera, magnifying glass, binoculars, insect net, or jars for (briefly) capturing insects.

  • Have your children devise their own scavenger hunts for the family.

  • Laminate this list so you can reuse it with dry erase markers.

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Check out collection of other fun printables!

Members head on over to our  exclusive downloads page  for more a creative Nature Journal for kids paired with the book   The Great Kapok Tree  by Lynne Cherry .

Members head on over to our exclusive downloads page for more a creative Nature Journal for kids paired with the book The Great Kapok Tree by Lynne Cherry.

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